Dani Alves Moved to a New Barcelona Prison for His Protection

Dani Alves, the Barcelona legend has been arrested and charged on the grounds of sexual assault after an incident at a Barcelona nightclub on 30th December. According to the reports, Dani Alves has been transformed from the main position of Barcelona to a smaller and more secure facility as a precaution. It is a common practice for the high-profile convict since it enables closer supervision of the inmates and the behavior of others. Alves is going to have his shower, instead of having to share it with other inmates.

The news has led to concern and shock among the Spanish football world, and Dani Alves is going to be in the prison without bail until the trial is concluded. Alves’ arrest has caused his family and partner to be distressed. Even his ex-wife is voicing her support publicly. As of now, no trial date has been fixed and he is still in preventive custody without bail.

Xavi, Blaugrana's manager has expressed his surprise at the reports of Alves’ purported deeds. However, he did not denounce them harshly. It has led to him being criticized as many claimed that he has been apathetic in his reaction against his ex-teammate. He commented after this that it is too difficult to comment on a situation such as this. Xavi says that he is a state of the stock and that justice will rule no matter what it is. He says that he is feeling bad for Dani Alves and is in utter shock.
In his recent statement, he further discussed his ex-teammate and apologized for his remarks. He stated that he is still coming to terms with the shocking news and had been taken aback by the ongoing case of Dani Alves.