All over the world, the greatest challenge faced by champions is the motivation to win the same battle over and over again.

How to make sure that the hunger to keep winning never disappears.

Pep Guardiola on his last news conference as he left the most successful team witnessed in the 21stcentury famously said that inability to motivate his troops was the main reason he decided his time was up at the Camp Nou.

Even if all champions, no matter what sport they play in, face this issue of motivation, few could argue that winning league titles in a top European league isn’t as hard as it can get.
Enter Juventus. The Turin club currently the most successful Italian club in terms of major trophies, especially the Scudetto, in the just concluded season clinched their sixth straight championship – a Serie A record on its own.

With the current state of mediocrity swaying around in the rest of the league from Milan to Pescara, the Old Lady’s end of dominance remains as pipe as dreams can get.

The second side of the coin containing the problem of keeping the motivation flame burning is the need to prove oneself at higher terrains. In turning the Scudetto to their play-toy, the Bianconerielevated their seasonal judgments to how well they perform on the European scene.
It is like a basic law of nature, a heavy weight can only be respected if he conquers his fellow heavyweights. Beating a lightweight will only be met with indifference and greeted with shrugs.

That is why Juventus’ failure to beat Madrid on Saturday succeeded in putting a damp to this season’s league and domestic title triumphs.Till the Old Lady get her hands on the 24-pound silverware, a hole will always torment them no matter how many Scudetti they stockpile.