After 1 successful season with Juventus, DaniAlves leaves the Italians

DaniAlves released a post which confirmed his exit from the Italian club Juventus which read: ¨Today our professional relationship ends and I will carry away with me all those who truly make Juve a great club¨

¨I would like to thank all the Juventus supporters for the year I’ve had, to my team-mates who welcomed me like the professionals they are, for a club that wins and reaches finals¨

Even though the Brazilian right-back only spent 1 season with Juventus, it was a very memorable year as he was a consistent starter and helped them in lifting the Serie A and the Coppa Italia for the season of 2016-17.

Juventus also managed to reach the finals of the UEFA Champions League of that same season but were ultimately knocked out after losing to Real Madrid but nonetheless, just by reaching the finals of the prestigious competition is a huge feat, especially for an Italian club.

Italian football have been suffering with no club being able to lift a major European trophy in years but Juventus has managed to represent Italy with impressive performances and achievements as they overcame Barcelona in the quarter-finals.

At the time of writing this article, Daniel Alves is a free agent as the Brazilian defender himself confirmed the end of his relationship with Juventus but his status as a free agent is not expected to last very long as it´s believed that Alves is on the verge of joining Manchester City.

In spite of being 34 years old, Daniel Alves is still making performances at a very high level and this is why he somehow has still managed to attract and perform in world-class clubs.

Age is not something that appears to affect the Brazilian defender who continues contributing to the teams that he joins and his next football destination appears to be Manchester City.