Massimiliano Allegri finds Winning Initial Games League Difficult

Massimiliano Allegri reckons registering victories in top flight games is not the simplest thing in the world and people should realize that no team can do that every week.

Juventus finds itself in the line of fire in spite of leading the Italian league table and Allegri is not really amused by that.

As per Allegri, if someone wants the points’ tally of Juventus to be three times as much as the games’ tally and not any bit lesser that that, he would like to refer that person to a hospital because it’s illogical thinking.

The other teams don’t turn up on the ground just to gift points to Juventus. There is a battle for each and every point.

Aiming a dig at his detractors, Allegri jokes that if there had been a competition where the team inviting the maximum criticism had to be declared the winners, his team would have clinched that competition hands down because people like to criticize Juventus for fun.

Recollecting his Milan stint, Allegri says that he used to have to take quite a lot of criticism there as well. So, he is now starting to believe that there is something wrong with his personality and perhaps when a nice person takes charge as his successor at some stage, there will be drop in the amount of criticism that is being dished out right now.

In the view of Allegri, the four defeats that have been there against the name of Juventus in the current season so far are not the similar kinds of defeats and he doesn’t think that the team’s performance has been that bad in those matches except in the match at Genoa where they had gone 3 down inside half an hour.