Alves Happy at Barca

There has been much speculation going around about whether or not Dani Alves will be offered a new contract extension at Camp Nou but Alves is confident that he will be with the Spanish giants for years to come. With just 2 years remaining on Alves’s contract, Barcelona have yet not to offer the Brazilian defender a extension on his contract.

However, with reports from Spain stating that Premier League club -Manchester City- are looking to sign the 27-year, it will be interesting to see if Barcelona will now decide to offer Alves a extension or not. But regardless of the situation at hand, Dani Alves is still fine which whatever decision the club decides to do.

Dani Alves went on to say the following “I am not worried about it at all. I have a contract and am settled so if they Barca propose something then fantastic, but if not then that is fine.”